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Hospitality, food industry suppliers and consumers face more challenges than ever before.
Where can they dine out with confidence?

Customers want to dine out with confidence. The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic created economic hardship and increased complexity for the hospitality industry to keep its customers and employees safe. Past dining safety models no longer fit today’s health concerns. Dining safety guidelines and rating systems are inconsistent across jurisdictions, making it challenging to ensure consumer or industry confidence at a national level. 

Community members are invited to attend focused discussion groups to share ideas and help influence standards.

Monthly in depth hospitality webinars explore key dining safety topics and discuss innovative, best in class products, etc.

Together we can reduce food borne illness.

Inspector offers advice to the Hospitality Industry

Aligning Key Players

With a deep understanding of today’s food safety challenges, we are creating meaningful dialogue and practical solutions across the industry.
Using Dining Grades you can Dine out with Confidence

Developing Standards

Along with key partners we’ve created a nationally consistent food establishment food safety scoring system.

Earn a Dining Safety Alliance Certification and help the consumer dine out with confidence

Creating Better Solutions

Our courses address the foodborne illness risks in “Serving Food Safely” & “Delivering Food Safely” with an emphasis on COVID-19.

We are collaborating with educators and dining safety experts working to improve public health.

“During my work as a board certified emergency department physician and department chief, a 22 year old man died from foodborne illness and it really impacted me. I decided we need to have a tool that helps people choose safe restaurants and helps restaurants improve – most are doing a good job but some are doing a poor job. Part of the problem is understanding causality and then focusing education. My team and I are members of, or have partnered, with these organizations to explore the issues.” – Dr. Harlan Stueven
UMN School of Public Health
National Network of Public Health Institutes
International Association of Food Protection

Research led to publication in the Journal of Environmental Health January 2021 edition.


“Disclosing Inspection Results at Point-of-Service: Affect of Characteristics of Food Establishment Inspection Programs on Foodborne Illness Outcomes”


“Agencies that disclosed at the point-of-service reported fewer mean numbers of re-inspections by 15%, food borne illness complaints by 38%, outbreaks by 55% (p = .03), and Salmonella cases by 12% than agencies that disclosed online only.”

We invite public health leaders to work with us, explore challenges and/or develop solutions.

City of Milwaukee Department of Health
“I want to first thank you very much for your participation in the workgroup making improvements and advancements in the Milwaukee grading system. I truly appreciate your expertise and support.” – Claire Evers, Deputy Commissioner of Environmental Health
Delanceys Bar and Restaurant
“We now have the right training, processes, and oversight to keep our customers and staff safe. We have piece of mind we are doing the best we can for our customers.” – Oscar Vidals, Owner, Delancy’s
Eagle Protect
“As a sponsor of Dining Safety Alliance, we believe in the organization’s strategy and shared vision. We feel like we are supporting something important and of value to the community.” – Steve Ardagh, President, Eagle

 If you are you a hospitality owner or manager concerned about improving dining safety we seek to serve you!

Dining Safety Alliance Certification Program

How Does our Alliance Work?

Allies and Advocates: Join Our Efforts

Are you passionate about DINING SAFETY?

Community Opportunities available FREE for all:

  • Focused forum discussion groups helping influence standards, promote safe products, etc.
  • Monthly invitation to hospitality webinars
  • Share your ideas, or volunteer your time
  • Membership op-in connections listing others passionate about food safety
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Hospitality Businesses

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Beyond our FREE community membership, we offer Vendors a Premium Membership** with Opportunities:

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Food Safety Partnerships

Health Department Leaders: Join Our Efforts

Learn about our research projects and consultative services around evolving dining safety best practices. We help guide standardizing inspection scoring and create useable grades.


We're fixing problems that matter so the consumer can dine out with confidence while ensuring the economic viability of our industry.

The hospitality industry has many stakeholders, each with its own perspective ensuring health safety in food establishments. Yet mitigating food-related illnesses requires all parties – the food establishments, their suppliers, health departments, the consumer and the scientific community to operate as a unit that puts the public’s health above stakeholder needs. We call this the Dining Safety Alliance, which is grounded in a shared purpose and belief in dining health safety.

Dining Safety Alliance Jim Lopolito
DSA BOD Jim Lopolito Welcome Video

Covid 19 has Created Challenges. We Offer Solutions!

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During COVID19, sanitation is critical, 

but keeping hands clean is foundational.


Learn from Jim Mann.

Jim Mann’s food safety career is rooted in a breadth of experience from farm to fork, from the USA to Latin America, Asia and Europe.  His work as a Research Chemist with S.C. Johnson included formulating agricultural coatings, sanitizers, meat room cleaners, pest control systems and skin care products.  Jim is the Executive Director of the Handwashing For Life® Institute and founder of The Handwashing Leadership Forum®, an alliance of supplier advocates to advance the science and technology of hand hygiene.

Clean Hands are the Foundation of Sanitation! 

This Live Industry Webinar is now posted in our Member Portal.