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food safety awareness blogWe seek to create strategic alliances and serve the hospitality industry!

Dedicated food establishments with a history of food safety excellence deserve recognition. Our A+ Window Decal program recognizes restaurants with a nearly perfect health department inspection history. These are the same establishments that want access to new technology.

Food industry vendors are seeking innovative ways to share their message. Our industry focused blogs generically and objectively highlight the importance of ‘best in class’ products and services.

DiningSafetyAlliance.org is the brainchild of Dr. Harlan Stueven who, during his forty-year medical career in Emergency Medicine and Poisoning and health care process improvement, saw patients suffer from food borne illness. He has a passion for sharing his experience and knowledge with the food industry.

The Dining Safety Alliance is committed to working with the hospitality industry, government, and the public health community to improve public health, reduce the incidence of food borne illness, and save lives.

Our blogs will explore issues that guide us down the road of food safety excellence!