NEHA DSA Partnership Studies Restaurant Scoring

NEHA  DSA Partnership Studies Restaurant Scoring.

The National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) and Dining Safety Alliance (DSA) have partnered to study jurisdictional restaurant scoring and violation variance. We are collectively introducing Kaylan Celestin.

Kaylan Celestin is a Project Specialist in the Program and Partnership Development team at NEHA and will be the lead on the project. Kaylan holds a Master’s in Public Health from the SUNY Upstate Medical School.  She has spent her career working for both local and federal government. Including; the Center’s for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Veteran Affairs, and Onondaga County Health Department. Kaylan’s expertise is in health communication and building stakeholder relationships. Kaylan has been, and will be, working with Dr. Harlan Stueven, Executive Director and Founder of Dining Safety Alliance.

“The NEHA DSA partnership will seek to understand WHERE and WHY there is variation in restaurant inspection scores and violations across jurisdictions”, Dr. Stueven

This will allow for future analyses potentially looking at effects of different programmatic initiatives (e.g., the effect of grading, the effect of inspection frequency) between jurisdictions.  It may used to develop internal program performance metrics that can be shared with local Environmental Health programs for implementation in their jurisdiction.

  • This multi-phase NEHA DSA Partnership project will develop a comprehensive database of inspection reports from across the nation. We are seeking and welcoming health departments of any size to participate in this collaboration.
  • While building those relationships we will also be seeking input from our collaborating health departments in continually improving this performance tool.

To participate or learn more please contact Kaylan Celestin at .