Take-Out Carries Food Safety Risks.

One of our greatest joys in life is sharing a delicious dinner in a unique restaurant setting! While COVID-19 has temporarily deprived us of that joy, I am happy to learn that many restaurants are offering the same delicious dinners as take-out. Hopefully enough people will use this expanding service to keep favorite restaurants financially viable. Take-out carries food safety risks. So I am offering cautions to restaurants to reduce take-out food safety risks.

Restaurant closure reduces disease. Take-out carries food safety risks. Food safety principles still apply to take-out foods.

  • Dirty hands cause disease.
  • Food moving from the restaurant kitchen to the home dining table can enter the temperature danger zone. Hot and cold holding principles become even more critical.
  • If the restaurant is responsible for transporting food, be reminded that sick employees cause a high percentage of all food borne illness.
  • Coronavirus is detectable on cardboard for 24 hours and plastic for 3 days.

What can a restaurant do to reduce take-out food safety risks? Reduce tarnished image risk? Reduce legal liability from a food borne illness outbreak?

Take-out carries food safety risks. Require Food Safety Courses


Have written policies in place:

  • Staff need to strictly follow to accepted hand washing practices.
  • Gloves need to be used when touching any ready to eat foods.
  • Use appropriate transport protection to keep foods in the safe temperature zone.
  • Monitor the temperature of take-out foods while in transit, for safety and liability.
  • Sick employees should not be working, under any circumstance.
  • Delivery team should wear gloves, to reduce disease risk AND create a positive image.
Take-out carries food safety risks. Require Food Safety Courses




Finally, have ALL staff take a food safety course, optimally through your health department or your restaurant association. If not available or inconvenient, have them take the DiningGrades.com course and quiz. After registering for FREE on DiningGrades.com, they can enter this code 31OpAvWhjm on their My Account page.Because of the generous funding of Dining Safety Alliance Sponsors, we are offering these courses for FREE.