Public Needs to Dine out with Confidence – Survey

What the Public Needs to Dine out with Confidence? Survey Results


Since COVID19, consumers are dining out less often. What are they concerned about?  What can a food establishment do to earn their trust?  Our surveys give insight into what the public needs to dine out with confidence.


Dining Safety Alliance has conducted two consumer surveys on food safety. Our goals were to learn insight and offer that insight to our members. One survey was conducted during the summer of 2019 and the second is ongoing during the COVID19 pandemic. We are sharing some of those results.

  • It’s no surprise consumers prefer outdoor seating. Five times as many would rather be outside than inside. During our consumer forum, independent of the surveys, we learned consumers are very concerned about indoor air quality during the winter months. So, what’s going to happen when it gets colder outside?
  • Nearly 90% felt that cleanliness was very important in choosing a restaurant pre-COVID19. Almost everyone is concerned about cleanliness after COVID19. This result is consistent with a 2012 NYC study that showed 88% considered inspection grades in their dining decisions. This has to be the most important action item in any food establishment.
  • Of the thirteen factors rated for importance in reducing dining COVID-19 exposure, the primary concern is that staff should be wearing masks followed by the importance of other customers wearing masks. Properly sanitized tables are equally important.

Do food safety protocols assure the Public Needs to Dine out with Confidence


Over 66% of our respondents remain extremely or very concerned whether safety protocols are being followed. Apparently not enough is being done to earn trust.

There is much to learn from those to be served on what the public needs to dine out with confidence.



We will explore these issues more in an upcoming webinar scheduled for November 19, 2020 11am EST. Please join us. It’s free.