Independent Dining Safety Inspections Improve Safety

Independent dining safety inspections can improve your inspection score. Every food establishment wants that, right?

independent dining safety inspections improve safe diningAn independent dining safety inspection is an unannounced inspection simulated to recreate a health department inspection. But, most importantly, the results are private to the owner or manager.


Why is it important for restaurants and all food service establishments to get independent, periodic mock inspections?

We offer 5 reasons that independent mock restaurant inspections need to be conducted periodically and randomly.

  1. Things change-

A restaurant kitchen is a dynamic environment. Just because there were no violations yesterday, does not mean that they will not happen tomorrow. It is important to watch for violations early. An outside inspector performing inspections periodically is a “fresh set of eyes”. An inspector has the ability to observe violations that weren’t there yesterday.

  1. Equipment needs maintenance-

What will happen if a refrigeration unit breaks today? Spoiled food needs to be discarded, potential foodborne illness, DOH fines or loss of revenue. By checking temperatures of refrigeration and hot holding units, an independent inspector may know when they are not working properly and at risk of failure. How about moldy ice machines? Early detection may prompt maintenance, which in turn may prevent violation scenarios.

  1. Employees change-

Just when all of your employees have been properly trained, you have to let someone go. Happens all the time. Many violations are due to the fault of employees. Independent mock inspections will ensure that new and even seasoned employees are reminded of the importance of violations.

  1. Employees get complacent-

DOH comes in and your restaurant passes the inspection. Stress is over, right? Wrong! Are you aware that a complaint-based inspection can happen anytime? What about improper food handling that contaminates food served to your customers? Compliance does not end when a food establishment passes an annual inspection. Periodic and random mock inspections keep employees on their toes!

  1. Practice makes perfect-

Having to go through inspections randomly and periodically, is a lot different than having to do it annually. It takes the panic out of the equation and develops confidence. Practice makes perfect. Mock inspections will keep your establishment “inspection ready”.


“Inspections can happen at any time. The best course of action is to be proactive and treat every day as inspection day”.  Leon Lubarsky, President Letter Grade Consulting


Mock independent dining safety inspections can improve your inspection score. Mock inspections are not expensive. It is a small price to pay for priceless results.

Contact us for more information has partnered with and to offer VIRTUAL mock inspections anywhere in the USA.


Letter Grade Consulting, a NYC based firm, has partnered with Dining Safety Alliance. Letter Grade Consulting has been doing independent dining safety inspections for years. They have helped food service operators implement strategies and solutions ensuring compliance with the FDA Food Code and Department of Health requirements. They provide food service operators with tools necessary to operate at the highest level of safe dining, maintain a violation free establishment, and stay prepared every day.


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