Restaurants with a visible “A” grade have higher revenue and lower costs

Restaurants with a visible “A” grade experience higher revenue and reduced costs.

Keeping an “A” inspection grade is important because consumers are looking for safe dining.

Unfortunately, not all jurisdictions offer scores or grades that can be posted. Dining Safety Alliance offers certification and standardized health department grades. Our program gives a restaurant all the tools it needs to “stand out” during COVID19.

Restaurants with a visible “A” grade have increased revenue

Staff Training Builds Customer Satisfaction.

  • FDA food code requires Manager certification, but that by itself isn’t enough to ensure customer confidence in safe dining.
  • Customers see food safety practices of all employees. Hence all employees need to pass at least a primer in food or dining safety.

COVID19 has increased the awareness of consumers on dining safety. They are watching! They are choosing where to dine and avoiding restaurants that are not using good food safety practices. Dining Safety Alliance offers inexpensive convenient training programs for all front of house and delivery staff.

Restaurants with a visible “A” Food Safety Grade may save money.

The study funded by the CDC, surveyed local food safety programs and evaluated characteristics such as how they publicized inspection scores. That study confirmed previous studies showing transparency in health department inspection results reduces illness.

Legal costs from a food borne illness can be in the millions. We now know that restaurants that post inspection results where consumers can see them, have reduced food borne illness events and hence less liability.

Proactively looking for problems helps restaurants pass future inspections.

  • Don’t wait to get a bad health department score.
  • Practice makes perfect. Regular confidential inspections point out problem areas.

Restaurants with a visible “A” grade and a ‘score on the door’ drives revenue, improves future inspections and reduces food borne illness.

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