How you can Uninstall Avast From Your LAPTOP OR COMPUTER

If you want to remove Avast from your PC, you can pursue these steps. To begin, wide open the Software and Features window on your system. Click the Start key, and type “Apps and Features. inches Scroll down to find Avast Antivirus. Press the Uninstall button to eliminate the program. Following the uninstallation windows appears, simply click “Confirm” to verify your decision. Finally, restart your PC to erase all of the files from your pc.

The next step in the uninstallation process is to restart your computer. In case your computer is running, the software could have left their data inside AppData folder. To delete this info, double-click the AppData file and select ‘Delete’. Then, double-click the folder which has Avast Anti virus. You can then follow the steps previously mentioned to remove the program. Once the software is eliminated, restart your computer to full the process.

In the event Avast is normally not set up correctly, make use of Avast remove utility. You can discover it inside the “Applications and Features” folder in the Control Panel. After you click on the Uninstall button, you are able to choose the precise location of the uninstall instrument. In this whitelist on avast folder, find Avast Free of charge Antivirus. Consequently, click on the uninstall button. You could then be given a screen asking whether you wish to take out Avast.