The Dining Safety Alliance is focused on three key initiatives.

Increase public awareness of the importance of restaurant food safety. Thousands of restaurants have earned a Food Safety “A” grade but the public may not be aware. Through this sponsor funded initiative, many A+ restaurants will receive Dining Grades window decals recognizing their food safety excellence. Additionally we will explore innovative ways of sharing this critical information with consumer sites. By rewarding restaurant food safety excellence, and educating the public in this and other ways, we will encourage marginal restaurants to improve their food safety performance.

Educate under-trained food service workers. Millions of people provide food service in schools, community service organizations, food delivery services, independent hotel/motel services and many other food establishment venus. These well intentioned food preparers and food servers are often food safety under-trained. Through Sponsor funding Dining Safety Alliance will provide FREE, entry level food safety training to these under-trained hospitality venues.

Inform health departments of data variance: Currently standards, benchmarking, and health department inspection processes vary dramatically between states and municipalities. There is no universally used report card and/or report system. Metrics used by local governments vary – some use a letter grade, others a number, etc. and the consistency of inspections and enforcement varies widely. Sponsor funding of this initiative supports Dining Safety Alliance research and analysis of the millions of health department inspections in the Dining Grades database with the primary goal of helping health departments standardize scoring, grading & reporting.

Through the funding of these initiatives, our collective efforts will make a positive impact on public awareness and public health. We are interested in hearing from potential allies and health departments that may be interested in supporting these programs.