Our Mission is to improve public health and food safety.

Founded by Dr. Harlan Stueven, the Dining Safety Alliance is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. 

We foster community awareness by supporting tools that the public can use to “Dine out with Confidence”. Our team analyzes health department inspection data and develops tools for public health department process improvement. Our strategic alliances within the hospitality industry allow us to share new products and services with restaurants who strive for food safety excellence.  During Dr. Stueven’s career as an emergency physician and poison specialist he saw over a hundred thousand patients. Hundreds of those suffered from food borne illness but it was the tragic death of a young man from food poisoning that led to his passion to make a difference.

Our collective passion is to reduce the number and severity of these food-related illnesses, sparing misery and death.

We all want safe food
ASI Food Safety image from the vendor floor

Dining Safety Alliance is committed to working within the hospitality industry and with public health departments to improve food safety.

Most importantly, together we can reduce the incidence and misery of food borne illness and hopefully save lives.

Dining Safety Alliance - Choose Clean Dining When Traveling

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