Why is Food Safety So Important?

Why is Food Safety So Important?

Food safety is important in protecting the health of our guests, whether in our homes or a food establishment. Customers are like personal guests in your home.

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We seek to create strategic alliances and serve the hospitality industry! Dedicated food establishments with a history of food safety excellence deserve recognition. Our A+ Window Decal program recognizes restaurants with a nearly perfect health department inspection history. These are the same establishments that want access to new technology. Food industry vendors are seeking innovative … Read more

Dr. Stueven Spoke at the NEHA National Conference

Dr. Stueven spoke at the National Environment Health Association Meeting in Anaheim, California June 28, 2018 “Proposed Standardized Restaurant Grading System Provides Sector, Region & Health Department Comparison”

Dr. Stueven Presented an Abstract at International Association of Food Protection

Dr. Stueven presented an abstract at the International Association of Food Protection Annual Meeting entitled “Restaurant Grades Are Difficult to Find and Understand”   Highlights of the Presentation were: We have reviewed hundreds of international, state, regional and community health department websites offering consumer access to restaurant health inspections. There are multiple ways in which … Read more
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