A Critical Public Health Initiative

Health Departments are under increasing pressures. The community wants more unbiased, objective food safety information. Public Health Boards are pushing for more transparency. Budget cuts threaten staffing. Leadership struggles with disparate inspection styles. There are few benchmarks to know what or how to improve services.

Together we can help health departments improve!

Your Organization’s support or donation to the Dining Safety Alliance not-for-profit will make a difference in Food Safety!

Dining Safety Alliance has access to millions of health department inspections in the DiningGrades.com database. Our research and analysis of those inspections can help health departments improve services. The primary goal of this research and analysis is to provide health departments with anonymous benchmarks for continuous process improvement.

Currently food code standards, benchmarking, and health departmentPublic Health Initiative inspection processes vary dramatically between states and municipalities. There is no universally used report card and/or report system. Metrics used by jurisdictions vary. Some use a letter grade, others a number, others use descriptive terms. The consistency and frequency of inspections varies widely. All this disparity prevents comparisons between jurisdictions. Lack of comparison hinders efforts in collective process improvement.

I was invited to present a topic at the NEHA Anaheim meeting entitled “Proposed Standardized Restaurant Grading System Provides Sector Region & Health Department Comparison” . The response from health departments and industry was heart warming.

NEHA DSA public health initiative DiningSafetyAlliance.org and the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) have begun collaboration on development of a tool that can be used by health departments to anonymously compare their frequency of violations, distribution of ratings and other data points against similar regional or state jurisdictions. That tool can then be used for process improvement.

For Health Departments interested in this participating in this project, contact us.

Through the funding of this not-for-profit public health initiative, our collective efforts will make a positive impact on the public health.

Help us Help Health Departments Improve!

If your organization supports this initiative, please contact us.