Why is Food Safety So Important?

An estimated 8 people will die from Food Borne Illness today.

An estimated 250 people so sick admitted to hospital at least overnight. ~60% of food borne illness is from restaurants.

The Restaurant Industry has a Food Safety Image Problem 


Fortunately, In a recent survey, 95% of chefs cite getting customers sick is top concern. 

Customers are like personal guests in your home.

Food Safety is important in protecting the health of your guests.


Excellent food safety ratings increase revenue

Better posted health department inspection grades improve revenue. Data from sources confirm a 5-6% increase in revenue in those restaurants that are recognized for their food safety excellence.

Food borne illness events can severely tarnish an image

A food borne illness event(s) can tarnish an image so badly it can take months or years to recover. Consider the case of Chipotle. Warren Buffet says, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it”

Legal battles and profits

The National Restaurant Association estimates the average cost of a legal case to be $75,000. In the case of Chipotle the financial loss was devastating. Stock prices dropped nearly 40% and the company suffered one quarterly loss of $26.4 Million. Poor food safety practices can cost a lot of real money.

Guilt and Shame

Instead of pride and successful reward, poor food safety can lead to an embarrassing and sometimes shame ridden end to an admirable career. Chipotle’s CEO apologizes. Peanut Corporation of America owner says I’m truly sorry. While the leader of an organization assumes ultimate responsibility, any person in the chain can break the link with resultant guilt and shame for an entire company.

The restaurant industry can be proud

The DiningGrades.com National Adjusted Grade Distribution shows most restaurants are doing an excellent or very good job.

Please accept my personal invitation to join us to become an A graded restaurant. If your restaurant has already earned an A grade, CONGRATULATIONS, and let us honor your commitment to excellence with tools that you can share with the public! 

Finally, share the message with colleagues and embark upon a journey of Food Safety Excellence!



Dr. Stueven
Founder and Executive Director