Sponsoring Dining Safety Alliance Creates Corporate Good Will!

Partner with us to increase public awareness of excellent restaurants and tell restaurants about
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At the same time market your Brand!

The Dining Safety Alliance Sponsor funded window decal program has been featured in Times Square. Thousands of restaurants in 25 major Sponsoring Dining Safety Alliancemetropolitan USA cities were sent Sponsoring Dining Safety Alliancesponsor funded window decals. Restaurants earning the window decals had an excellent 36 month food safety rating record.

We identify these high achieving establishments. To date we have over 6 million inspections and over a million food establishments from the USA the UK and beyond

Once the ‘best of the best’ restaurants are identified, Sponsor funding supports rewarding restaurants that have excellent food safety ratings and at the same time introducing the sponsor.

Join us in presenting the 2019 Awards while marketing your brand!

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Sponsoring Dining Safety Alliance Food Safety Courses

Markets your Brand’s Solution.

Delivering Food Safely

Delivering Food Safely Preview

Serving Food Safely

Serving Food Safely Preview

Sponsors fund courses for the food industry, while having an opportunity to market their Brand.

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