Restaurant Employees are Critical in Food Safety

~60% of food borne illness is from restaurants.

Food Safety Importance

Fortunately, In a recent survey, 95% of chefs cite getting customers sick is top concern.

Customers are like personal guests in your home.

Restaurant employees are critical in Food Safety for  protecting the health of your guests.

Serving Food Safely Video Course

Preview Serving Food Safely is offering a “Serving Food Safely” course for the Front of the House staff. Staff can access it for free.

Management can claim their restaurant on and invite staff by email.

Then management can monitor course and a quiz completion on a convenient confidential dashboard.

Excellent Restaurant food safety ratings increase revenue

Better posted health department inspection grades improve revenue. Data from more than one source confirms a 5-6% increase in revenue in those restaurants that are recognized for their food safety excellence.

Fortunately the restaurant industry can be proud!!

Dining Grades



The National Adjusted Grade Distribution shows most restaurants are doing an excellent or very good job.Food Safety Rating  Visit to see if your restaurant has already earned an A grade. Join us and we will honor your commitment to excellence with a window sticker you can share!