In a recent survey, 95% of chefs cite getting customers sick is their top concern. Customers are like personal guests in your home. Hospitality employees are critical in Food Safety for protecting the health of your guests.

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Excellent restaurant food safety ratings increase revenue. Data confirms a 5-6% increase in those restaurants recognized for food safety excellence. Achieve A+ Food Safety grades by certifying your business. You’ll also receive access to unique marketing solutions and opportunities.


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Upcoming Events:

  • “Crucial Webinar Event “COVID-19 Sanitation Preparedness for Restaurant Owners and their Employees.” August 11, 2020 @ 9a MST. Details to follow.

  • “How does Food Safety Training and Certification effect Food Establishment Insurance? planning stages.

  • “Redesigning your Food Establishment to meet COVID 19 Guidelines.” planning stages. 

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