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In a recent survey, 95% of chefs cite getting customers sick is their top concern. Customers are like personal guests in your home. Hospitality employees are critical in Dining Safety for protecting the health of your guests.

Becoming certified shows consumers you are committed to dining safety excellence.


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Dining Safety Excellence Certification Program

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And as an added benefit, claim your establishment on DiningGrades.com, use the DSA Hospitality Member Only discount code and get up to 10 of your FOH or delivery staff trained anytime, all year long.

Upgrade to a Hospitality Monthly Membership and get discounted access to the following dining safety courses:

Serving Food Safely Animated Course for the Front of House.

Delivering Food Safely Animated Course.

COVID 19 Sanitation Training



Not sure about State Requirements?
Every state has different food handling and bartending requirements. Visit our partner program and find out if Food Handler Cards and Bartending Licenses are required in your local area, and if so, where to find the appropriate training.

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